BIG FM Bangalore launches a unique campaign called ‘Bendethu Bengaluru’

BIG 92.7 FM Bangalore, the No. 1 FM station in the city (* Source: RAM) has initiated a new campaign to connect with its listeners and trash out the issues faced by a common Bangalorean. Aptly titled ‘Bendethu Bengaluru’ this 2 week long campaign will address one major issue everyday starting from 7th July and will go on till the 19th of July. This is an opportunity for the residents of the city to speak up and discuss issues ranging from bribery & traffic problems to public hygiene and the likes.


To press the humour button in every Bangalorean, a smart and witty angle will be taken towards these problems coupled with mimicking popular celebs on air. Each show will take a specific angle to the topic of the day. The Breakfast & Evening drive time jocks will ask survey based questions on the day topic with one lucky listener winning the ‘No Thank You’ award in every show along with other goodies.


As a culmination to this two week campaign, the Breakfast jocks RJ Harsha and RJ Shruthi will take up the top 3 issues for Bangalore and request the listeners to vote for the most popular issue boggling the city today. They will then be jailed for a day and will be bailed out only when they receive 9027 votes of support from their listeners.


To create the necessary buzz on-ground, some of these major issues will be discussed at forums across the city along with local celebrities and government bodies. Hoardings at prominent locations along with floats will sport the topic of the day and request participation via sms and call-ins.


List of topics discussed from 7th of July to 19th of July’08


         7th        – Pot Holes

         8th        – Bribery – Lancha!!

         9th        – Cool Kannada

         10th      – Traffic

         11th      – World Population Day – Control Maadi

         12th      – Ban on dancing

         14th      Dress codes in colleges

         15th      – Public Hygiene

         16th      – Monsoons – Rain or Pain?

         17th      – A/C City Ya Hot City

         18th      – Call Center Phenomenon

         19th      Garden or Garbage?

Keep watching this space for more info and pictures of the activity as it happens…


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